Delicious Sweet Corn Recipes

Sweet corn make delicious snacks, great side for your main course, also it could be equally good eaten on its own. Now, to spice things up, here are some well known sweet corn fusion dishes around the world, which brings sweet corns to another level. Try it out!

1.Buttery Corn on the Cob

Cook sweet corn for a couple of minutes in boiling water, then couple them with some fragrant butter, which you can easily get them from supermarkets. This combination is just perfect!!

2. Corn and Tomato Salad

Salad will always be the perfect appetizer, and for some who is on diet this is just perfect! Mix your preped corn and tomato with decent amount of vinaigrette and you will find yourself a delicious and nutritious bowl of salad. Top it up with shredded chicken if you need the extra protein!

3. Baked Chicken and Corn Hashbrown

This makes the perfect comfort food when you are in need. It offers a new twist to the usual hashbrowns we are familiar with! They are easy to prepare, and looks absolutely amazing!


4. Sweet Corn Bruschetta

Bruschettas are usually prepared with tomatos. Here, we improvise!  Trade the traditional tomato with sumptuous sweet corn and you find yourself with brand new flavors without losing the original taste!

5.  Mexican Corn Salsa

If you are a fan of sweet and sour, you can never go wrong with salsa. To add a touch of heat of Mexico, add in some jalapeno to bring more flavors into your already established Mexican corn salsa!

6. Sweet Corn Pizza

Yeap, corns are never a staple ingredient for pizzas but if you are ready to get adventurous why not? Corn adds texture, crisp, and natural sweetness to your pizzas. This will definitely be a flavor packed pizza!

7. Sweet Corn Soup Chowder

Chowders are the best thing ever during a cold rainy day. It warms you up in and out! Sweet corn and soybeans bring a taste of summer to this hearty chowder!

8. Corn on Corn Bread

Corn breads are usually made with canned corn. But why stop there? This makeover recipe used the whole fresh corn kernel and the fresh sweet corn. All you get is mouthful of fresh corn flavors. If you need a little heat, spice it up with chili powder.

We will keep this blog updated with more interesting recipes. Stay tuned!



How to Prepare Sweet Corn at Home

Sweet corn is composed of rows of tightly packed yellow kernel that grows along a central core. They are juicy, sweet and delicious when they ripen. They can be cooked into different dishes, and can be eaten freshly. In Malaysia, we take sweet corn as snacks, steam and stirred with good amount of butter and salt.

Sweet corn is best harvested during mid August to mid September. Choose the best sweetcorn with these few criteria in mind: packed tightly, plump, golden yellow with shine and small tips. When sweet corn is in its fresh state, the kernel will release a milky liquid when cut open. Plenty of sweet corn suppliers now offer frozen sweet corns for all year round supply.

Sweet corn is very easy to prepare with few simple steps. First pull back the outer leaves of the cob so you have access to the beautiful kernels. Strip of any of the silky threads sticking to the corns. Cut the end of the cob and rinse.

There are plenty of ways in cooking them, people usually do it by serving the whole cob, in chunks or slice the kernels, we call them corn in cup. Simply strip back the leaves and threads as usual, stand the con stalk end down on a chopping board. The slice them carefully so each kernel is well separated.

Sweet corn is best kept in the fridge. Usually we wrap them in damp kitchen paper with the husks removed, and best consumed within 2 days. There are many ways in cooking delicious sweet corns. The simplest way is to roast, and to barbecue the cobs. Or like how we usually eat sweet corns in Malaysia, Boil the kernel lose and stir fry with good amount of butter and salt. Amazing.




Benefits of Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is extremely popular in Malaysia, as one of the most commonly found snack and local delicacy. They are from the maize family, but tender and delicious seeds as vegetables. Sweet corn, unlike traditional field corn, is harvested only when they reach milk stage. The sugar content is high, and can be converted easily into starch. Here are some of the basics about sweet corn, and plenty of benefits for those who loves:

  • Sweet corn has moderately high caloric content in comparison to other vegetables, holding a humble amount of 86 calories per 100g. However, they are actually pretty low in comparison with other cereal grains such as wheat and rice. Calories from sweet corn comes from simple sugars, or simple carbohydrates like glucose, sucrose so they can be easily digested.
  • Sweet corn is a gluten free cereal, which means they are suitable for diabetic patients.
  • Sweet corn features high quality phyto-nutrition profile, with plenty of dietary fiber, vitamins and many antioxidants on top of the multi vitamins and nutrient proportions. They are easily one of the finest sources of dietary fibers.
  • We love the saturated yellow juicy corn for a reason. They contain a significantly high level of phenolic pigment antioxidants along with vitamin A. Altogether they supplement healthy mucusa, skin and vision. They are proved to be useful against lung and oral cavity cancers.
  • On top of all the multivits mentioned earlier, it also contains good level of vitamin B complex such as thiamin, niacin, panthotenic acid, folates, riboflavin and pyridoxine. Many of these vitamins function as co factors to enzymes during substrate metabolism.

Sweet corn is cheap and amazing as dietary supplement, and as snacks. Have one now at your own leisure anytime, anywhere!